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I'm an East Coast actor, voice actor, pianist, dueling pianist, singer, writer, songwriter,

and one of those people who drinks hot coffee year round.


I was born in Northern Virginia but I've been moving around the world my whole life. Growing up, I used to bring in pop songs to my Russian piano teacher (....which went over very well, as you can imagine), so it's no surprise that now I play pop/rock covers in piano bars and write my own pop music (check out my original stuff on the Music page, and on Spotify, Apple Music, etc...). 

I eventually got my BFA in Musical Theatre with a Piano minor at Shenandoah Conservatory in Winchester, VA. Along the way, I've dabbled in other instruments like guitar and ukulele, and I've fallen in love with the Alexander Technique, improv, and comedy writing.

Hey, I'll try anything once.


"Salpini’s performance almost sneaks up on the audience; she skillfully enlivens the script’s gradual reveal of Louise as more than a long-suffering second banana. Mama Rose might be the star of the piece, but Louise...becomes the hero."                        - WBUR


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